Thank God I Look Like What I’ve Been Through

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Yes, I said, “Thank God I look like what I’ve been through!” (with an exclamation point). I haven’t always felt this way, but right now in this moment my scars mean more to me than I can express. Not only are they a reminder that I’m alive, but they remind me of the healing power of God. What didn’t kill … Read More

adminThank God I Look Like What I’ve Been Through

Finding Your Confidence

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We’ve all hit a low point or experienced a time when we’ve asked ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?” Not getting a call back for an interview, flubbing on a first date, or discovering your favorite pair of jeans are too tight. Eek! These are all the things that can challenge your self-esteem and cause you to lose your confidence. But, … Read More

adminFinding Your Confidence

Why I Chose Celibacy

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                 Why I Chose Celibacy   My friends think I’m crazy and they poke fun at me (all in good fun, of course), but it’s actually much easier than people think. I mean, once I got to a certain point, I couldn’t imagine being with just any man. He would have to be THE man. (I’m not giving away all of this … Read More

adminWhy I Chose Celibacy

Follow me on Periscope @BurnedBeauty 11/10 at 7 PM

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Hey friends! Follow me on Periscope now @BurnedBeauty so we can chat LIVE! I’ll be sharing tips on everything from applying make-up and eyebrows to feeling confident with scars to overcoming adversity. AND MY FIRST LIVE CHAT WILL BE THIS TUESDAY 11/10 @ 7 PM (Central Standard Tume). Feel free to submit questions. @BurnedBeauty @BurnedBeauty @BurnedBeauty Showing you there’s (a fabulous) life … Read More

adminFollow me on Periscope @BurnedBeauty 11/10 at 7 PM

Chicago Gourmet 2015

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I am a foodie and wine enthusiast at heart, so I was thrilled when offered the opportunity to attend this year’s Chicago Gourmet presented by Bon Appétit. It was a magnificent experience. On Saturday, September 26th, my best friend and I met in Millennium Park for what would be one of our best dates eva! We’d previously read about the … Read More

adminChicago Gourmet 2015

October, Domestic Violence, and Me

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a period of reflection, teaching, and mourning for me. Just when I think I know all that I can about domestic violence and how it grossly impacts our communities and society, I learn something new. Did you know that my case was not categorized as domestic violence? Nope. I did not know or have … Read More

adminOctober, Domestic Violence, and Me