What’s wrong with her face, Mama?

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My son is 3 years-old and he “gets” it. He understands that burns, scars, or physical differences don’t make a person “bad” or “weird”. It just makes them different. He started noticing my scars when he was about 1 1/2. He would gently run his finger along the dark brown scar on my left cheek and say, “ouchie.” And I’d … Read More

adminWhat’s wrong with her face, Mama?

Repeat after me . . .

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“I can learn from someone else’s mistakes.” When I was young I had a cavalier disregard for danger. Most young people do. You know, that sense of invincibility that we’ve all had one point in time that makes us feel like we’ll live forever. Maybe it was what I considered “dangerous” that was problematic. Because I was sure that bad … Read More

adminRepeat after me . . .

Dear Nicole . . .

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Dear Nicole . . . Dear Nicole, I have contemplated writing you for a while now, but I could never bring myself to do it. I suppose that this letter could either positively impact you or negatively impact you, but I’m hoping that it brings you as much peace as it brings me. I am not writing you out of … Read More

adminDear Nicole . . .

New Adventures with Halfstack Magazine

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Today I stepped put of my comfort zone and in front of the camera. Published model . . . check! ✔. Today I worked with Halfstack Magazine, Pick-A-Pose Photography and the talented designers of Fermented Fruit to bring readers an Amazonian Post-Apocalyptic look that they’re sure to remember. It was an experience that I won’t soon forget either. Embracing my … Read More

adminNew Adventures with Halfstack Magazine

Body Love

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I was honored to be photographed by my friend and former classmate, Laura Lopez, recently. She is extraordinarily talented and is producing a series called Body Love, consisting of photos featuring individuals with scars or a physical feature that they’ve learned to love and embrace over time. The photos will run in Halfstack Magazine’s summer issue. Needless to say, I … Read More

adminBody Love