Burning Voices Karli will be featured in an international art documentary titled Burning Voices. It is currently in development and the film’s director, Pirjo Ojala, was awarded a place on ESoDoc – European Social Documentary 2014.

“The movie Burning Voices is a contemplative cinematic essay. Just like the victims of acid violence have to build themselves from shattered pieces, unable to proceed straightforward when they repair their minds and bodies, so is the movie built from pieces like a mosaic, trying to find answers to different questions and accepting that not all the answers might be found. At the same time the pieces form a picture together bigger than the sum of its components. The most important find is already known, though: without real caring and love, from oneself and others, one cannot overcome a trauma, this movie cannot be made or the violence controlled.”

Director: Pirjo Ojala

2014 Workshop in Chicago, IL


Me, Anna Venäläinen (Movement Instructor), Pirjo Ojala (Film Director)


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