Bridging the Gap with Tonya of Fab Fifty Life

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What happens when you connect a late Millennial with a soon-to-be Mid-lifer? You inevitably Bridge the Gap.” Getting to know Tonya as a woman and professional has been an absolute pleasure. Little did I know that I would see so much of myself in her. This experience is a reminder of the importance of dropping our egos and sharing our stories; showing our vulnerability and reminding each other that despite our age and experiences, there is a little millennial and mid-lifer in all of us.

I was excited to learn I’d been paired with Tonya, a lively, young-hearted creative who doesn’t let anyone’s expectations limit her, her creativity, or her ambition. Tonya is a serial entrepreneur driven by her faith and fearlessness. Although she isn’t yet “Fifty” as her brand Fab Fifty Life” suggests, it represents fighting stereotypes and not allowing society’s ideas of age limit her. She lovingly reminds us that you can be fifty plus and be fabulous and still pursue your dreams. Her blog is a testament to this.

Fab Fifty Life is “a lifestyle blog designed to motivate you to live a great big ole’ vibrant, creative, over-the-top, full-throttle life that may sometimes be scary but will always be funny!” Her energy, like the description of her blog, is vibrant and bold. When she speaks you feel the passion in her voice and the way she talks about her brands is downright inspiring.

Olivia & Ruby is one of her babies, Memphis Gold certified organic Shea butter that can be purchased online. The name has special meaning. Olivia, her maternal grandmother, was an accomplished seamstress, businesswoman, and beloved community member. She was also very creative like herself.

Ruby, a woman from Proverbs 31 in the Bible, was a seamstress, mother, and business woman, as well. The author suggests that such women are rare like rubies, and Tonya likens her grandmother to Ruby, an incredible woman of strength and talent, but also a wonderful role model. 

Tonya also inspires others by sharing her weight loss journey. What’s most compelling is her transparency, making it easy for readers like me to connect to her. She journals about her ups and downs with food, fitness, and time management, things that we all struggle with.

Tonya is also a DIY junkie and designer. Her love and fascination for all things that go on your head inspires her to create hats, fascinators, and hair accessories that can be purchased in her studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Congratulations to Tonya for being named an Emerging Memphis Designer for Memphis Fashion Week 2018. Tonya’s line, Plenttiful, encourages conscious consumerism. Each new collection has pieces that can be paired with a previous collection no matter the change in trends and style. She calls it “collectible clothing”, which is both socially and environmentally responsible. Lookout for her designs on the runway next Spring!

This experience has taught me that we share more commonalities than we do differences across generations, and it’s important that we listen to each other and share our stories to stay connected. I pray that I am as fierce, fabulous, and fearless as Tonya as I approach midlife. I often struggle with if I’ve made the best career choices and if it’s too late for me to pursue another, but Tonya reminds me that it’s never too late . . . and I cherish that piece of advice. Thank you for being you and thank you for inspiring me to pursue my dreams no matter my age or society’s expectations. I hope to visit you in Memphis sometime.

We are stronger together.

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adminBridging the Gap with Tonya of Fab Fifty Life

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  1. Catherine

    Karli I’m so glad you got to connect with such a bold personality like Tonya! Your genuine connection with her will further teach the lesson of how similar we all are across the age-gap, and I sincerely thank you for joining me in this movement!

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