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You read right. Burned Beauty is on the move! I promised myself that once I met some important financial goals I’d get out more. My plan is to enjoy myself a little more, attend events that will empower me and help me to expand my brand, and just have fun. (While encouraging and uplifting others, of course.)

About 6 months ago I cut this photo out of a newspaper. I knew I wanted to go back to a Camry, but I wasn’t sure when it would happen. So, I wrote the vision. And now I’m enjoying my sleek, new Toyota Camry Hybrid. It’s practical, dependable, and the gas mileage is fantastic (40 miles to the gallon). So, if you see me around town give me a holler. Because I’m hitting the road to share my testimony and empower as many women as I can in the process.

✌ #BurnedBeautyOnTheMove


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