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On Thursday, September 17th, I was changed forever. After watching Brenda Myers-Powel in the film documentary Dreamcatcher, I was both inspired and incredibly disturbed.  I could no longer remain in denial about human trafficking happening right here in my hometown. I could no longer go on thinking that there was nothing I could do about it. And I could no longer sit in silence when victims as young as 12 years-old are blamed for their horrific circumstances.

The film chronicles Brenda’s courageous attempts to rescue abused women and girls from the cruel world of prostitution by offering them advice, a shoulder to cry on, and resources to help them get out. Not only is Brenda a volunteer counselor, she is also a former sex worker who knows the streets. Her transparency and non-judgmental approach are both a huge part of her success. She calls herself a “servant of God” and for good reason. She acknowledges that she cannot and does not do it alone and that she will continue to empower and uplift trafficked women as long as she can. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Dreamcatcher Foundation, located in Chicago, Illinois, and continues to help people break the chains of oppression and live up to their greatness.



I had the pleasure of meeting her after the film screening and her spirit and energy are unbelievable. I was inspired by her to keep sharing my story and to remember that even if I only impact one young lady, then I’ve fulfilled my purpose.



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