Thank God I Look Like What I’ve Been Through

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Yes, I said, “Thank God I look like what I’ve been through!” (with an exclamation point). I haven’t always felt this way, but right now in this moment my scars mean more to me than I can express. Not only are they a reminder that I’m alive, but they remind me of the healing power of God. What didn’t kill me really did make me stronger. They give me a level of freedom that I’ve learned to embrace. They say, “Look here. I’ve been through some serious sh#$, so if you’re here on some BS turn right on around. I don’t have a moment to waste on negativity or things that aren’t growing me.” I’m here to live (really LIVE) and love, and I hope the energy that I emit gives you that.

My scars also allow me a level of acceptable transparency that someone with hidden scars may not enjoy. I am often asked, “What happened to you?” And it gives me a license to share. Yes, I get to share my triumphs and my failures unabashedly. I take these scars with me everywhere I go and I wear them proudly. The bottome line is I did not choose this life, but I continue to be amazed by what God has chosen for me.

And that’s all I have to say about that. 🙂

adminThank God I Look Like What I’ve Been Through

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