Why I Chose Celibacy

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                 Why I Chose Celibacy



My friends think I’m crazy and they poke fun at me (all in good fun, of course), but it’s actually much easier than people think. I mean, once I got to a certain point, I couldn’t imagine being with just any man. He would have to be THE man. (I’m not giving away all of this goodness to just anybody.) I made this choice for me. Being alone was always hard for me, especially after my mom passed away. But acknowledging that and deciding to do something with that discomfort was a huge step for me. There was always someone around or interested, so I never had to be alone.

This was a choice and it’s one of the better choices I’ve made in the last few years. I have always been that girl with a boyfriend. And for a long time my identity was tied to someone else, usually the person I was dating. But now it’s not. And it feels so good. I have used my time alone to work on me, my personal goals, and my mothering. I have never felt more confident or as excited about my future. So, no, this wasn’t about sex. It was about learning to be alone, learning to appreciate myself, getting back to me, and knowing that my happiness lies right here ♡ within me. I don’t know when I’ll break this 1K + days, but right now I’m good. I’m hanging in there and enjoying the journey, and what’s more important is it’s working for me.

adminWhy I Chose Celibacy

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