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  1. Bianca Gist, MSW


    I am a WOW (working on womanhood) counselor at youth guidance, and I am planning a end of the year celebration for my girls and possibly some of the guys that are apart of BAM (becoming a man) and I was wondering if you had availability on 6/7/18 to come out to share your story and wisdom with the program participants.

  2. Nina Harris

    Dear Karli-

    Just wanted to say, thank you for being an inspiration. I’m a survivor, too. Burned as a baby in a house fire when I was three. Scarred about 70% of my body. That was in 1968.

    Keep doing what you are doing. It’s necessary work!


  3. Robin McCammon

    Hi Karli,

    I would like to contact you to see if you can come and speak to our kids at Purdue University Northwest, Upward Bound Program. I met you and heard you speak at a Youth Empowerment Conference back in February and misplaced your phone number. You were truly inspirational! I would really like to get in contact with you to discuss the possibility of you coming and speaking to our students. Please contact me.

    Warmest Regards,


  4. Kelsea Clark

    Hey Karli! It’s Kelsea. I came to Chicago with Moe a few years back.. you’ve always been such a motivation to me, and made me more comfortable in telling my story! I wanted to know how I could have you to come and speak at an event I am having August 17th at Greater Grace. It’s called “The Purpose Expo”. My goal is to create an atmosphere of Purpose building. Having different people, (including myself) to tell their stories and how they over came and how it was connected to their purpose. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks so much.

  5. Sandra Hubbard

    I Pray that you get on tv do that others can see rhat, anything is possible and you can survive. I watched, I survived, recently and I was livid. Subhuman Monsters, I said. Then, you forgave. What a mighty woman you are and I thank you, so much. I believe in forgiveness but I couldn’t imagine, forgiving oeople like that. But, it’s necessary for you ad well as the perpetraters. You a, “THE QUEEN”, indeed and I thank you. Don’t ever change.💜


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