Victim to Victor

Karli Butler is a survivor, but it’s her resilience and her ability to thrive despite tremendous adversity that makes her special.  Fighting for her5219A life to survive not one but two vicious attacks, she tells an amazing story of perseverance, endurance, and forgiveness. After her attacks, she returned to school to obtain her Master’s degree in Organizational and Multicultural Communication from DePaul University. She also went on to receive the 2010 Courage Award from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for her work with crime victims. One of her greatest accomplishments was the key role that she played in the passing of Illinois House Bill 2193 requiring those buying commercial-grade hydrochloric or sulfuric acid to show photo identification and have their data entered into a state database.

Karli is her audience.  She shares her shortcomings and her successes without shame because she knows that someone out there has been through it. She sees the will to fight, to overcome, and to thrive in each audience member and she successfully reminds each one of them that if she can do it they can, too.


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