PHOTOLOGOWhile Karli’s attacks happened in Illinois, her story has reached people as distant as the UK and Australia. In 2008 she was featured on the Biography Channel’s “I Survived” propelling her into the national spotlight. She’s since appeared on radio and television shows and has been featured in magazines and newspapers. She recognizes that she has a responsibility to raise awareness about violence against women around the globe and hopes to use her platform and voice to advocate change.

“I suffered 3rd degree burns but rose from the ashes” Styleable UK

“Acid attack suvivors turn to acivism” by Natalie Moore (Oct 29, 2010)

“I Survived” Biography Channel (Aired December 2008)

Facebook Group for “Acid Attack Survivors”



A brief interview before speaking in front of lawmakers about the dangers of acid.


Most times something isn’t important to you until it happens to you or someone you love.


Speaking in front of lawmakers isn’t so bad. I was scared out of my mind, but I appreciate their compassion and graciousness.

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